Using Up Late Summer Garden Produce

Our weather here in Oregon this year has been a little unpredictable.  Earlier this week we were basking in very warm, high 80-degree temps and now it’s cool and rainy.  The poor plants aren’t really sure what to do!

However, we have experienced a pretty decent tomato and zucchini crop this year.  There are hundreds of recipes online utilizing these gems, but thought I would pass along just a few of my favorites to you.  Enjoy with your late season harvest or those from your neighbors!  Wishing you a great start to the Fall Season!

Fall recipes to share with friends and family!

We hope that this has inspired you to prepare a little something special for the loved ones in your life.  If you need help, or additional ideas, we are always here for you.  Contact Ready, Set, Eat today to find out more!

The Chefs of Ready, Set, Eat!
Shana, James and Tina