How Your Personal Chef Service Works

Working with a Personal Chef should not only provide you with healthy, gourmet meals, but it should be easy to do. With Ready, Set, Eat! in your kitchen, you’ll see just how easy it really is.

Our goal is to make each meal the very best you have ever tasted! To accomplish this we must know about your preferences and dietary needs. For example, do you have food allergies? Do you require a diabetic diet or other special diet foods including child nutrition or organic menus? With Ready, Set, Eat! it’s no problem! We have the ability to prepare gourmet meals to your specifications as well as preparing favorite recipes you may have. Here’s how it works?

personal chef consultation

Your Ready, Set, Eat! Personal Chef will come to your home, conduct an interview, and have you complete our detailed Food Questionnaire.

Using your input from the interview and responses to the Food Questionnaire we’ll work with you to develop your personalized menu, listing entrees and some side dishes, serving sizes, and storage preferences for the entrées you’ve chosen. Additional nutritional breakdown information can also be requested at this time, at your request.

A final menu will be sent to you by email, fax or mail for your approval one week prior to your scheduled cooking day. Full payment is required upon approval of your menu.


step2Here’s one of the best aspects of working with Ready, Set, Eat! We’ll do all the grocery shopping! Imagine how much time you’ll get back for yourself each week not having to walk the aisles of the grocery store. Not only that, but in the long run, you’re household budget will get a nice boost because you won’t be wasting money on items that will sit in your pantry or refrigerator collecting dust and spoiling.

With the menu approved and the groceries in hand, we’ll arrive on the scheduled day to cook your gourmet meals right in your own in your home. We’ll also bring all of the equipment needed to prepare your meals, including pots, pans, utensils, and any other items necessary for that service – no worries!

step3We cook the entire menu in your home in one day, packaging and refrigerating or freezing each item according to the highest quality standards. You’ll receive written thawing and reheating instructions, as well as complete nutritional information for your meals. Another one of the beautiful things about working with Ready, Set, Eat! is that, aside from the home cooked meals you’ll be enjoying and the wonderful aromas that will fill your home, you’ll hardly know that we were there. We’ll take care of all the clean up from the preparation of your meals.

step4After completing the preparation of your gourmet meals, we’ll package them and provide cooking instructions as noted above. Some items may be placed in the freezer and some in the refrigerator, but either way everything will be neatly stacked and labeled so getting the food from the refrigerator to your table is a snap.

step5With all the work completed, you simply reheat meals according to the reheating instructions and enjoy the free time, the clean kitchen and fabulous food!

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