Cooking Classes in Portland

Ready, Set, Eat!, your Personal Chef Service in Portland, Oregon, also offers cooking classes for everyone from beginners on up. We offer a variety of classes and can tailor classes for your private group. A great idea for parties or get-togethers, cooking classes are typically delivered in your home, though we can arrange for alternate locations.

Classes usually run between 2-3 hours, but will be structured around your goals, and are hands on and interactive rather than demonstration-based. When you can actually get your hands on the ingredients and practice, it’s much easier to master them. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it will get you pretty darned close!! Space in cooking classes is limited to the size of your kitchen or the location you select. Outside locations may be available for a fee. Please contact us with the details of your proposed event.

Groceries and Costs

In planning your class, Ready, Set, Eat! Inc. will give you the option of purchasing the groceries yourself (and receive a discounted class rate) or having us purchase the groceries.

All classes are $65/person, which includes the cost of Ready, Set, Eat! purchasing the groceries. If you choose to purchase the groceries yourself, a complete list of ingredients will be supplied to you at least three days ahead of time, and the cost is reduced to $50/person. There is a four person minimum for a class to take place. Have more than four people in your group? Contact us for more details.

Here are just a few of the cooking classes we've delivered...

Easy and Simple Show-Stopping Ideas: Using some easy ingredients from the grocery store, produce beautiful and tasty appetizers quickly!

Not Just Yams and Green Bean Casserole Anymore! Updated side dish recipes or completely new options for your next get-together.

How Do I Put It All Together? The basics for a new cook, entertaining for the first time. Get some practice before the big day!

Actually Enjoying Your Celebration! Make your entire menu ahead of time, so that when the big day comes, you are set!

This class goes over the importance of having a stocked pantry, so that when you get home at 7pm and need to whip up a dinner for your family, you have the necessary on-hand ingredients to make that happen. The class might involve a grocery shopping trip to help pick out the best ingredients.

These are so important! Good knife skills can make your life in the kitchen so much easier! We will learn how to effectively dice, mince and julienne. Other cuts are also available, depending on the client’s skill level. A few simple recipes will be made with the ingredients we practice upon.

How do I effectively braise? Roast? Pan fry? Sautee? Two to three methods will be chosen to focus upon, and then recipes that are tailored for those cooking methods will be made together.

How do I make over my favorite recipes so that they are healthier? Small, simple things can be done to eliminate calories and fat, yet retain flavor. Recipes need to be supplied to Shana Larsen ahead of the cooking instruction appointment so she can analyze them.

What is Dim Sum? Garam Masala? Epazote?  Choose a different region per class! Learn techniques particular for certain type of regional cooking, while making 2-3 different dishes. Offerings do depend on the skill sets of our chef, Shana Larsen. Check to verify region of interest.

For more information or to answer any other questions, please contact Shana Larsen at 503-515-1439 or at