Ready, Set, Eat! - Where Green Isn't a Marketing Gimmick

We only have one environment. That’s why the Ready, Set, Eat! team is committed to doing everything possible to be a good steward of it.

Our green practices are not something we use as an advertising hook, a badge of honor or to make us sound like we’re better than other personal chef services. That’s why you won’t see us making a big deal about it, other than on this page. It’s just the way we do what we do and we believe it’s important for you to know that. After all, you’ve clicked your way to this page because it’s probably an important issue for you in making your decision. So here’s how we do our part for the environment?

Ready, Set, Eat! incorporates many green practices into our service, including:

  • Reusable fabric totes used while grocery shopping, saving over 200+ plastic or 120+ paper bags per month!
  • Off-site recycling of all metal, glass, paper, and plastic containers used during the service. Separation of compost-friendly items available upon request.
  • Organic/Free-Range groceries available, as requested by client.
  • Local companies we utilize include New Seasons, Trader Joe’s and Bob’s Red Mill, in addition to Whole Foods and other specialty stores.
  • We provide our clients with reusable, recyclable packaging. If desired, we are happy to use containers the client already owns, to cut down on any additional packaging needs.
  • All meals are prepared without preservatives, from scratch.
  • gplogoWe regularly donate services to local schools and non-profit organizations for fundraising opportunities. Past support included: Tualatin HS, Westside Christian School, Sherwood HS, Hopkins Elementary, CityTeam Ministries, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Ready, Set, Eat! is also a proud member of Green Posting, a local organization dedicated to promiting businesses who are committed to green practices.