A Healthier Halloween??

I know that the very mention of “healthy” and “Halloween” together has some people rolling their eyes.  And please don’t misunderstand me… I am not anti-sugar.  However, in a country where many of our foods have so much added sugar, why don’t we think outside the box to offer some more healthful options to our kids?

With Halloween fast approaching, here is a quick list of more healthful ideas that could easily be given out to the ghouls and goblins that knock on your door.

Edible Options

  1. Granola Bars – be sure to look on the label, as some brands have as much sugar as a traditional candy bar.
  2. Fruit Gummies – these also range in nutrition. If possible, seek out those made with real fruit and that pack a good serving of Vitamin C.
  3. String Cheese – packed with protein, a wrapped cheese stick will easily keep until the kids get home. And with a bag full of candy, sometimes something savory is just want they want as a snack!
  4. Nuts and/or Dried Fruits – Individual bags of trail mix, mixed nuts or dried fruit are great healthful offerings. If it doesn’t appeal for Halloween night, then they make great additions to their lunches for the following week.
  5. Cereal Bars – also read the labels on these. Some of these have a nutritional profile like a candy bar as well, but others can be quite healthful, especially those higher in fiber.
  6. Coconut Chips – Sweet and toasty, these come flavored in all sorts of varieties. Gives kids good fiber and a tasty treat too.

Non-Edible Options

  1. Stickers – Hit your local Dollar Store for great options. Pre-filled boxes of stickers are a great option, especially for smaller children.
  2. Sticky Cobwebs – who doesn’t like the sticky spider/cobwebs/ghoulish hands that travel down walls?
  3. Small puzzles or games – Obviously keeping price in mind, these could be a great option for houses that get fewer children.
  4. Spider Rings – It’s Halloween after all!
  5. Halloween Pencils – Great for use at school in the days afterwards.

And a suggestion: Before heading out, make sure their bellies are filled with a healthful, scary Halloween dinner.  Get more ideas here: https://readyseteat.net/2017/10/06/spooky-halloween-treats-for-kids-big-and-small/ and below!

Halloween Snack Dinnerhttps://foxeslovelemons.com/halloween-snack-dinner/

Thanks to the website Fox Loves Lemons!  This is an awesome showing of how creative you can get with healthful ingredients and a little time.  Sauces can be made ahead and the rest of the prep is pretty straightforward. Boooooo!

If you find the very thought of getting a healthful dinner on the table a daunting task, let us help!  We currently have 4 chefs on staff to help individuals and families all over the greater Portland area.

We wish you a scary, fun and exciting Halloween!

~The Chefs of Ready, Set, Eat! Inc.