Livening Up the Winter Doldrums… Gimme Some Spice!!

Are you getting tired of the traditional winter Casseroles?  The old standbys, like Spaghetti and Tacos?  The Chicken???  (I know there are 1001 ways to make chicken, but sometimes – especially this time of year when cooking methods are more limited – they can seem oh so similar to each other!)  Maybe it’s time to expand the repertoire a bit… A little spice or a lot, these recipes offer a chance to mix things up during these winter months, giving you and your mouth a wake up call!

Note: If you do not have all of the spices required in these recipes, may I suggest going to your local bulk spice aisle?  New Seasons, Winco and many Fred Meyer locations all have bulk spices.  This allows you to purchase just as much as you want, without breaking the bank on a cabinet full of spices!

As always, I welcome your feedback… how you liked the recipes listed here, what recipes you’d like to see for future newsletters, or things you are curious about. Connect with us online too!

Bon Appetit!

Chef Shana & Chef Brian
Ready, Set, Eat!