Back to School and the Fall “Rush”

Even for those of us without school-aged kiddos, this time of year seems to be busier in a lot of ways than the summer. While summer is full of fun, exciting adventures, fall comes with the reality of longer commutes and lots of busyness in the schedule. And with the sun setting earlier and earlier in the evening, getting wholesome meals on the table before bedtime somehow seems even more challenging.

Take advantage of the late summer/early fall harvest and incorporate fresh produce while you can. Most kids like anything that involves using your hands, and lettuce wraps are no different. While I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to eat the wrap as prepared for adults (though they might!), the ingredients that go into lettuce wraps are perfect for many kiddos. An Asian-marinated chicken, pork or beef… even shrimp; rice (can be made coconut rice with the simple addition of coconut milk); and fresh vegetables of their choice (shredded carrots, cucumber, bell peppers are often good choices). And for the adults, a quick pickled radish is a nice tangy addition as is a small squirt of Sriracha, or other spicy sauce of your choice.

Another great option is a taco salad. I don’t necessarily mean the stereotypical hard taco shell-style salad that is loaded with fat and calories, but a fresh take. Last night, we assembled a seared steak taco salad, with sweet corn and tomato salsa, a creamy avocado sauce and roasted peppers. And since I put the steak in a simple marinade earlier in the day, it came together quickly and easily… and deliciously! Our little one enjoyed the grilled steak with his dinner as well.

Both of these items have endless alternatives… change of protein, of veggies, and of sauces. It’s a great way to mix things up yet get a healthful meal on the table in about 30 minutes.

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Bon Appetit!

Chef Shana & Chef Brian
Ready, Set, Eat!